TSB Aberystwyth is holding a 'Hike it, Bike it, Bake it'.

Date Published: 18. 09. 2018

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 From Monday 17 September, the TSB Aberystwyth is holding a charity event called Hike it, Bike it, Bake it. 

There will be an exercise bike in the Branch where Emlyn Mainwaring and his colleagues will attempt to cycle the distance from Aberystwyth to Ruthwell in Scotland, where the first TSB was founded by Reverend Henry Duncan in 1810.

This event will be going on all week with the possibility of cycling all the way back to Aberystwyth by the 21st September.
Cakes will be on sale from mid-week with all donations going to HAHAV.

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Contact Information

Tel: 01970-612194

Email:  hahavcord@aol.co.uk

Address: 14 Pier Street, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 2LJ.

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